Illustration - RIME

Time for a 2nd fan art. This time, I picked RIME, the awesome looking project currently in development by Tequila Works. Although there isn't so much info/pictures on the internet for now, this game caught my attention for the very first moment. Check it out!


Well, I think it's time to show the master's degree project I worked on with 3 classmates last year: Shijie.
You can check out a few concept art images and more info in this old post.

Here are a mosaics texture, some character animation samples I did for the game and the trailer.
I can't express how immensely happy I am that this ended. Seriously.

Facial animation test - 02

Almost a year has gone by... impressive. Although I haven't updated this site since February, I worked A LOT in a video game project (a student project. I am still unemployed and poor, of course) called Shijie. I will post some stuff about it soon.

This time, I decided to practise 3D facial animation on a model based in a character I designed long time ago, "02". The mesh is a bit rough, but it served the purpose.

"02" - Facial animation test from Mar Eight-bit on Vimeo.