A couple of days ago, my friend Ana did a lovely portrait of me and I liked it so much that I felt I had to pay her back. So here it is, Anne Flowers! I hope she likes it <3

Character design - Snow Shaman

More shamans! A "snowy" one this time. I've been reading about Siberian Shamanism lately (good thing to read before bedtime... maybe) and so I drew this. I have no idea how real Siberian shamans look like, besides what I've seen on google images, so I kind of made up the clothes and stuff. ~Nya.

Illustration - Another World

I randomly remembered this amazing video game lately and felt I had to draw my first fan art for the blog. I remember this as a vision from the future when I was a child, the concept art was (and it still is) astonishing. Great music, no dialogs, cool aesthetic and characters... I was 4 or 5 when I saw it for the first time, maybe that's why Another World impressed me so much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my humble work as much as I did doing it :)

Illustration - Jumping girl

So... I was in the mood to draw a bit... and I ended up doing this. I've tried to do something that looked like Tekkonkinkreet as I LOVE Taiyō Matsumoto (one of my main references). I'm not entirely sure of having done it, I had a good time drawing though.

Character design - Spirit guides

Weird day. Maybe I need a bunch of spirit guides just for myself. Happy, colorful and smiling spirit guides. Meh.

Bajo Agua - Shot n.8

More unfinished stuff. I don't really know if I'll pick up this work again, but there you go a nice punch&kicks clip.


Hello everyone!
I have a friend who's currently studying at Escola Joso and so I've had the opportunity to get to know brand new people also interested in graphic arts. I'm collaborating in their fanzine with this illustration of Amaterasu, Japanese Goddess of the Sun. Okami!..kami...kami....

Character design - Lil' girl

This time, I've revived an old character that I had over there, in some dark corner of my HD. Again, with no purpose, just for fun AND GREAT JUSTICE!

Character design - 02

Random character designed for nothing in particular. Not much to say really... Meow!

Bajo Agua - backgrounds

A couple of backgrounds I managed to finish. Yup, it's an aquarium, all blue, full of fish,... perfect place for a battle. Oh, shut up! I just  liked the aesthetic and the idea was animating an underwater fight. Yes, I'm nuts.

Bajo Agua

So... here I am after a 2 months break (it wasn't really a break. I moved to another city, looked for a flat, started my classes and blabla...yeah, playing Borderlands doesn't count). As you have noticed, I think it's time to force myself to write in English (so sorry in advance for the tons of mistakes I'll probably make), post stuff more often and take off the rust of my hands.

Here you have a piece of the project I did last course and I couldn't finish... I don't know if I'll continue working on it again, but I just wanted to show you how it would look like, more or less. Hope you like it :)

Bajo Agua from Mar Eight-bit on Vimeo.

E4 Channel ident

Pequeño ejercicio de clase hecho durante mi estancia en la Southampton Solent University. Tema libre y una semana para publicitar al archiconocido canal e4.

Knocked Out - personajes