Character design - Snow Shaman

More shamans! A "snowy" one this time. I've been reading about Siberian Shamanism lately (good thing to read before bedtime... maybe) and so I drew this. I have no idea how real Siberian shamans look like, besides what I've seen on google images, so I kind of made up the clothes and stuff. ~Nya.

Illustration - Another World

I randomly remembered this amazing video game lately and felt I had to draw my first fan art for the blog. I remember this as a vision from the future when I was a child, the concept art was (and it still is) astonishing. Great music, no dialogs, cool aesthetic and characters... I was 4 or 5 when I saw it for the first time, maybe that's why Another World impressed me so much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my humble work as much as I did doing it :)

Illustration - Jumping girl

So... I was in the mood to draw a bit... and I ended up doing this. I've tried to do something that looked like Tekkonkinkreet as I LOVE Taiyō Matsumoto (one of my main references). I'm not entirely sure of having done it, I had a good time drawing though.

Character design - Spirit guides

Weird day. Maybe I need a bunch of spirit guides just for myself. Happy, colorful and smiling spirit guides. Meh.

Bajo Agua - Shot n.8

More unfinished stuff. I don't really know if I'll pick up this work again, but there you go a nice punch&kicks clip.